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1.04.2009  Microgolf - Pit Green now also in France!
10.03.2008  2nd Golf Trade Show in Paris
29.02.2008  Crossgolf goes Marco Polo
31.12.2007  Happy New Year to all Urbangolfers, Crossgolfers and Streetgolfers
9.12.2007  Tutorials to enhance your play
1.11.2007  World record in longest distance
19.10.2007  Hook und Slice, Pull and Push. Brief description for Crossgolfers
28.09.2007  Have a break on the green.....
21.09.2007  Mercedes Championships 2007 Report
16.09.2007  Mercedes Championships 2007
3.08.2007  Crossgolf Fetish
11.07.2007  Crossgolf Session with Bertrand Lagacherie
5.07.2007  Interview with Bertrand Lagacherie - a chat about Crossgolf in France
1.03.2007  Slicing on the fairway? No way! Slicing at home is much better -
21.02.2007  Another bad day on the links? Payback time!
15.01.2007  Crossgolfshop in Paris?
3.12.2006  Messageboard Security update after Intrusion detection!
1.12.2006  Interview of the President in Paris for "L'internaute"
23.11.2006  Golfball to go 48 times around the globe
23.07.2006  Crossgolf CMS Online - Including some small changes to the site
1.07.2006  Review Sommer Opening Online!
10.06.2006  Gallery update - BBQ Pictures
3.06.2006  Sommer Season Opening BBQ
16.05.2006  Gallery update - Crossgolf Ibiza II
7.03.2006  Gallery update - Drivingrange Hippodrome Paris
21.02.2006  Report on the Crossgolf Session Duisburg Online